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“We obviously know you can’t just go home and expect to win,” Steph Curry

You guys have lost before. Does this feel any different considering you haven’t lost in a while? And also this kind of sets up another 3-1 going back home and a reminder from last year.

STEPHEN CURRY: Man, different team, man. Obviously we have haven’t felt this feeling walking off the court with a loss in a while, but we have done a good job of bouncing back and being resilient all year and obviously learning from all different experiences we have been through. I love the vibe we had in the locker room after the game, understanding what we need to do differently to play better, to have a better first punch in that first six minutes, to play with more force and aggressiveness and physicality. Talked about it. Going home is a good feeling, but it has to go with playing better. We obviously know you can’t just go home and expect to win. We like the fact that we can correct a lot of things going into Game 5 and just put a better foot forward, especially in that first quarter and not lose the game right there.

For both you guys, Kyrie Irving after the game was saying that all the chatter about how satisfied you would be to win on their home court really motivated the Cavaliers, lit a fire under them. They were — several of the Cavaliers were talking about how that chatter just kind of lit their fire. Any concerns about lighting their fire that way?

STEPHEN CURRY: We are in the NBA Finals. No matter what you need to inspire you, whatever you need to grab ahold of, chalkboard material, whatever it happens, like it’s so hard to win a championship, and kudos to them for finding whatever it took to play an amazing game, which they did. We got to find our edge next game. There’s no secret. Just this is how big the stage is right now. We would love to have celebrated tonight and finished off the job, didn’t happen, got another opportunity on Monday. Like I said, we got to find our edge and respond. So all that chatter and stuff is neither here nor there, it’s whatever you need to get yourself ready to play.



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