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Sport plays a very important role internationally and more than ever is becoming a strategic sector tied to the future of economies in the African continent. From its impact on education, youth empowerment; its role in politics and creating employment opportunities, it is obvious that the sport sector plays a very important role in advancing communities and building nations. 

Africa the cradle of talent, has long been the primary source of human capital; the very masterpiece driving the international sport market. Therefore, in an era where sustainable development is a priority on the African agenda, mastering the business of sporthas become very necessary. 

Organized by SEED Project, under the umbrella of the pan African festival called “L’Afrique C’est Chic”, the objective of the “AFRICA NOW” conference is to create a platform to discuss the socio-economic impact of sport in Africa. The themes discussed during this conference, will focus on the, business of sport and how it can be developed in Africa, how sport can be used to boost human capital development and in enabling sustainable education opportunities with a focus on the “SEED Project” model, how social marketing can be used to attract funding opportunities for sport projects in Africa and most importantly how come the year 2030, sport could contribute to enabling sustainable economies and communities in 


SEED Project is an International non-profit organization whose main goal is to use sport and education to enable socio-economic development for young Africans from around the continent. One of the main reasons this goal thrives is due to the power of sport is promoting development agendas, in promoting inclusive and sustainable economies around the world. 

Studies have been carried out in first world countries and continents such as Europe, on sport as an economic activity. The most important indications to be considered from the outcomes of such a study are that; “sport is an important economic sector, sport represents a labour intensive growth industry and sport can foster collaboration between different states”. This panel will enlighten our audiences on how, the sport economy as a whole has the potential to impact on various economic sectors and industries in Africa. 

Africa Now was held in Dakar, Senegal this December 2018 and it was a great success. To find out more and how you can support the organization, please visit

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