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NBA All Star Weekend with Thunder Star Paul George

Q: How did you enjoy playing in California?

Paul George: Really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed being in front of family and friends. Playing on one of the best stages.

Q: What is like for you playing in your hometown in front of family and friends?

George: It’s great. I’m from a small town outside of L.A. Getting to play on the biggest stage in L.A. is a moment that I’ll always cherish and just be grateful for it. The fans, the celebrities — it was really a special night.

Q: What did LeBron tell you guys in the locker room before the game?

George: We wanted to win. We wanted to play defense. We were right where we wanted to be. We just knew in the second half we were going to turn it up a bit. We made an emphasis to win. whatever that took.

Q: Those last two minutes were really intense. What was it like out there?

George: It was fun. I think the All-Star Game should go toward that. I think that’s the only way of making the game interesting is if guys go out and compete. I thought we did that. We made the game exciting by just showing effort to win.

Q: Was that the best way to honor guys like Dr. J and Magic and all of those guys?

George: They played the game hard. They played the game to win. They put on a show. They gave the crowd something to root for rather than just wowing them with dunks and lobs. I thought we got to where we needed to be.

Q: Is this the most competitive All-Star Game you’ve ever been a part of?

George: Absolutely. I think it was great playing for four quarters. It’s something that we can make the All-Star Game about.

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