Attitudes to sports

  •  48% of girls agree that “getting sweaty is not feminine”.
  • 30% of girls aged 11-16 say they lack confidence in their appearance
u Over half of all boys and girls agree that “there are more opportunities for boys to succeed in sport than girls”.



  • 37% of girls say that “I am motivated to be active because my mother/step-mother is active”.
u A third of girls and boys agree that “families are less supportive of girls’ involvement in sport and physical activity”.


  • 57% of girls agree that “girls drop out of sport and other physical activity because their friends do”. The least active girls are twice as likely to agree with this statement as the most active.
  • Girls are highly motivated by social aspects of participation and very influenced by the behaviour of their friends – particularly as they get older. This is significantly more true of the least active.


  • 43% of girls agree that “there aren’t many sporting role models for girls”
  • 76% of all girls agree that “girls are self-conscious about their bodies.” Just over a quarter of girls agree that “I feel my body is on show in PE and this makes me like PE less. This rises to over a third of the least active.