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Denver Nuggets Head Coach backing team to deliver in London.

The NBA Global Games return to London next week and despite a run of four consecutive defeats, Denver Nuggets Head Coach Mike Malone thinks the trip to the UK has come at a good time for his team: The Drop’s Benny Bonsu got the chance to speak to coach ahead of the trip to London:
“We’re honored to be a part of the NBA Global Games. Spending some time away it’s an opportunity to bond, build team chemistry and we hope that’ll translate onto the court. We’ve had an up and down season so far but we’re a young team and I hope this trip will help us come together more as a team which will be great for all of us."
Everybody’s excited [to come to London], the guests that are coming with us, my wife started packing about two weeks ago! We can’t wait to get there and we know we’re going to have a great time.”

The Nuggets coach hopes the return of Wilson Chandler from injury will also boost the team’s chances this season:
“Last year, when he was ruled out for the season with a hip injury it was a devastating blow for the team. Wilson’s a guy who has so many intangibles, he’s a great defensive and offensive player, he can shoot for three, he drives the ball and rebounds well so having him back has been great for our team. Earlier in the year he was coming off the bench and playing at a very high level. I started him recently and now he’s back to coming off the bench but he’s a terrific player whenever he plays as he does so many things for this team. He’s healthy so hopefully he can continue and have a great season for us.”

Malone is also looking at how his team can contain the threat of three-time NBA All-Star, Paul George, who will line up for the Indiana Pacers in London:

“We’ll have to have a lot of tactics to stop him. He’s a great player who is very versatile and he can hurt you in so many ways and any time you play against a player like Paul George, you need a team effort, so we’ll need to get into a rhythm and keep him off balance. He’s a heck of a player and I know that our guys are ready for the challenge.”

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